Stain Removal Care Products

Over the years, natural stones have grown in popularity and are being used throughout homes. There are several advantages of using natural stones. They not only look beautiful but are durable as well. Natural stones are generally categorized as calcareous (marble, limestone, travertine) or siliceous (granite, sandstone, slate). Calcareous stones are made from fossilized biological material, whereas, siliceous stones are generally made of quartz-like particles called silica.


As natural stones are mainly used in heavy usage areas, they are more likely to get stained. A majority of natural stones are prone to staining and do absorb liquids and moisture. However, there are many products available in the market now to get rid of stains and dirty marks over these surfaces. It is important to choose the stain removal products carefully as calcareous stones are much more sensitive to acidic cleaning solutions so you get limited to alkaline cleaning solutions and dry solvents only. However, with siliceous stones, you can also use acidic cleaning solutions in addition to alkaline and dry solvents.


Before removing the stains from surface, it is also essential to identify the type of stain on the stone surface. Different types of stains that can make the surface appear dull or damaged include oil-based stains, organic (tea, coffee, food, etc.) stains, metal (iron, rust, copper, bronze) stains, biological (algae, mildew, lichens, moss, fungi) stains, ink (magic marker, pen, ink) stains, paint stains, water spots and rings (surface accumulation of hard water) stains, fire and smoke damage, etch marks (acids left on the surface of the stone), scratches and nicks, etc.


Most of these stains can be removed easily by using high quality stain removal products available at Tikko Products. These products help to absorb food, grease, oil and various other stains out of natural-stone surfaces including marble, granite, limestone, slate, flagstone, concrete, and many more. All these products are simple and safe-to-use, absorbs stains quickly, non-toxic and nonflammable.


Do read all the guidelines carefully and use all appropriate safety equipment before using any of the stain removal products or get in touch with us NOW.