Polishing Powder

If you have a stone surface installed at your home and would like to use it for a long time then you must keep it polished with a high quality polishing powder. It helps to keep such surfaces clean and shiny at all times. Polishing powder is an economical method for adding shine to your stone surface. However, before applying a polishing powder, you must keep the following things in your mind:


  • Make certain to remove the stains or dust from the area where you will apply the polishing powder.  
  • Depending on the dull look of your stone surface, you might need a second application.
  • Before starting the restoration work, it is important to pay close attention to the actual etched area.
  • Use polishing powder as per the directions mentioned on the product container.


The specially formulated stone polishing products for wet or dry polishing at Tikko Products provides a great degree of luster and glossy shine. However, it is essential to choose a polishing powder based on the type of stone you have:


Marble polishing powder: Marble is a beautiful natural stone, widely used at homes. Keeping the marble surfaces clean and in top condition does need a bit of work, but it’s absolutely worth the effort. An excellent quality marble polishing powder from Tikko Products can help to restore the natural beauty and gloss to marble floors and surfaces. The marble polishing powder is quite effective in correcting watermarks and any kind of damage due to acidic spreads on the marble surface.


Granite polishing powder: With stone polishing products available at Tikko Products like G20 powder (granite Polishing Powder), SP10 (green Polishing Powder) and many more, polishing granite surface is quite easy. These products do a wonderful job of brightening up your stone surfaces and help you keep that original shine.

Some of the key benefits of using the best quality polishing powder include greater efficiency of restoration, improved surface appearance, effective and safe solution for an overall glossy finish.

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