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Tikkoproducts includes a complete comprehensive interrelated series of products for all natural, semi-natural stone and man-made hard surfaces.

Tikkoproducts was specifically developed for natural stone and marble. TIKKO systems show superior results, from pre-treatment and initial clean up, through to protection, ongoing maintenance and refinishing.

The regular usage of the TIKKO system will ensure the lasting beauty of your flooring.

In order to ensure long-life of your stone products, proper care and maintenance is essential. It is important to note that different types of stones require different tools for their maintenance. For instance, natural stones require a different maintenance program than traditional, man-made tiles. A wrong selection of stone care products can stain, damage or dull the natural appearance of a stone.

We at Tikko Products, provide a comprehensive range of specialized products and machines for marble, granite, limestone, terracotta, and all natural and man-made stones. Our high quality products and tools can help to keep your stone surfaces looking beautiful and glistening for years to come.

At our site, you can find a number of stone care products including:

  • Marble care products such as shine maintainer, crystallizer, stone cleaner, worktop cleaner, slip safe anti slip treatment, polishing powder, etc.
  • Granite care products such as shine maintainer, granite gloss finish, cement and grout residue remover, wax remover, stone cleaner, polishing liquid, etc.
  • Ceramic/porcelain care products such as shine maintainer and wax remover
  • Sealer products such as stone sealer, marble sealer, and limestone sealer, stone protect gloss finish, stone protect water, etc.
  • Stain removal care products such as rust remover, stain remover, etc.
  • Floor machines such as angle polisher machines, machines for general use, machines for professional purpose, etc.
  • Diamond abrasives such as Munchen Segment B.R. (Big), Frankfurt Segment B.R. and Fastdiam
  • Accessories like masking tape, silicone carbide sanding discs, resin for travertine and natural stone repair, stainless steel pads, synthetics pads, wire wool pads, etc.
  • Polishing powder including green polishing powder, granite polishing powder, etc.
  • Flexipads such as medium density pads for polishing & grinding, super flex pads without foam layer, and support pads for lambs-wool bonnet.

In case you want to know more, order our products or have any other query, we are always available. Do drop in a mail or contact us using the number on our site.


Please call us on 0345 652 0012 for any Help.

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